Hunter Sprinklers

For information on how to adjust your Hunter sprinklers, we have several links below. These are a BIG help in saving money by not calling Collier to come out for a 10 minute head adjustment process. I know since I’ve spent a lot of time just trying to get the heads to not water the driveway or street, until I found out the right way! It’s a relatively simple process once you know what to do. You can also buy the exact Hunter sprinkler heads locally and replace yours at a fraction of the cost of having Collier come out to do it.

In case you are looking for a place to buy the Hunter sprinklers, here is the closest one I’ve found:
John Deere Landscapes
11102 Air Park Rd.
Ashland, VA
(804) 752-7017


Rt. 95 N
Exit 86A Atlee/Elmont
Right on Sliding Hill Rd
Go 1 mile
Left on Air Park Rd.
Down about 1/4 mile on right

Adjusting your Sprinklers
Here are the links to the Hunter website regarding how to adjust your sprinklers:

Adjusting Rotary Sprinklers

Adjusting Misting Sprinklers

Types of Misting Nozzles

Replacing Your Sprinklers
Regarding the Hunter irrigation systems we have… they are a high quality system and should last a long time. However, it can get expensive each year to have someone (Collier) come out to turn on/off your system. Most residents can do the work themselves, including turning on the water, adjusting the heads, and replacing a sprinkler head. I wouldn’t recommend trying to turn off (winterize) the system yourself since it involves special machinery to ‘blow’ out the water. If you are going to replace a sprinkler head, I do recommend purchasing what I call a ‘precise digging shovel’. This is a shovel with a long, thin blade that’s actually super thin at the end. It is excellent for digging around the sprinkler head to get to the base easily. But you have to dig carefully so you don’t cut the water line tube! I just replaced a sprinkler head this weekend and it was a breeze (20 minutes tops).

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