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The Time is Now…

As I am putting away my spreader from its first use of the season, I’m thinking that this is probably the best thing I can do for my lawn all year. I just applied the initial coat of fertilizer (Scotts). But it wasn’t just your normal

turf builder-Halts

Scotts TurfBuilder Plus HALTS

Scotts TurfBuilder. It was the TurfBuilder (fertilizer) Plus HALTS (crabgrass pre-emergent). Now, I’m not saying that you have to use Scotts. There are a number of fine products similar to Scotts (check Southern States). But what is important is that you don’t just apply a fertilizer this month. It MUST have a crabgrass pre-emergent (deters crabgrass from growing) also. This is so important this time of year. I see so many lawns look so bad when it comes to August and the crabgrass is everywhere. You can even tell where you missed applying the granules of fertilizer/HALTS on your lawn. Those places will have crabgrass! And the crabgrass may not even wait until August to appear!

So, if you don’t do anything else for your lawn this year, at least get down that application of fertilizer AND crabgrass pre-emergent. This weekend would be ideal! Go get that bag and be ready! Reference: Page 3 in our eBook

Crabgrass is Waiting for its August Arrival

Crabgrass is Waiting for an August Arrival

One other item on your agenda this month should be trimming your Crape Myrtle tree. These bushes/trees love to be trimmed back each year. It makes them more hardy than ever! But do it the correct way. Don’t trim it down to the ‘knuckle’. Give each branch a little more space. I’m going to reference Page 6 in our eBook to find out more about trimming these.


Trim these now before they begin growing

In case you didn’t get your copy of our Lawn Club eBook for referencing throughout the year, click here to download-  Lawn Club eBook