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Get ‘Um Before It’s Cold

We are getting to the end of the mowing season. But before you think of putting your mower to rest for the winter, there are some tasks that still need to be done.

Mow, Mow, Mow… If you have been following the schedule, you should be mowing about every 4 days. Make sure you adjust the mower height to cut to about 2-2.5 inches. Also, you will want to vary the direction of your cutting. If you cut in stripes one way last time, cut 90 degrees to that this time. Or, cut on a left-sloped diagonal this time, and a right-sloped diagonal next time. This makes for a better cut and your lawn doesn’t grow in only one direction. (And don’t forget to trim along the curb!)

Weed Alert!  Yes, those weeds are still here and need to be dealt with. Pull out your favorite weed killer (Weed-B-Gone, etc.) and spray the weeds where ever they have popped up. Getting them now will only help in the spring. Remember… you will still be dealing with winter weed growth come March. You may also want to want to put down a layer of fertilizer plus pre-emergent (“Turf Builder Plu Halts”) to stop crabgrass before the seeds start to germinate. I know this is usually done in the spring, but the pre-emergent will also put a stop to other weeds from germinating over the winter. Caution! Do not apply a pre-emergent if you’re planning on seeding your lawn soon. It will stop grass seed from growing for two to six months. Wait until next season to apply a pre-emergent.

If you have followed the schedule, you already applied regular fertilizer to your lawn in September. Now you should wait until November to put down the last fertilizer application to give your lawn that boost it needs in the spring. But now is a great time to go out and purchase that bag so you are ready next month.

Dead leaves will harm your lawn!

Dead leaves will harm your lawn!

Leaf Alert! Soon the leaves will fall and your lawn will begin to look like this. That’s when it’s time to remove the leaves and other debris so that any newly seeded grass (or old grass) can get the much-needed sunshine to thicken up. If leaves are covering up your new grass, it can’t get the sunshine it requires to grow, and will just give up. So all of your hard work will be lost. Take some time to remove the leaves from your newly seeded areas. Either rake them up regularly or mulch fallen leaves throughout the fall (can you say ‘mulching mower’ ?). Because, like the grass blades, leaves are a valuable source of nutrients and organic matter. If there are a lot of leaves, you may consider removing some and leaving some to mulch so as not to smother the grass.

That’s it for now! If you don’t have our Lawn Club eBook yet, click HERE to download your copy.



Killing Weeds…Naturally

Don’t Let the Weeds Get You Down!

2014-04-24 19.07.08     As we outlined in the MAY section of our Lawn Club Handbook (Lawn Club eBook), this is the month that your grass should really begin to look great. After fertilizing 4-6 weeks ago (you did fertilize, right?), and the recent rain and the upcoming sunny days, will really get it going. But that will also promote the many types of warm season weeds to sprout also. That’s our next battle. In the Handbook in the May section, you will see examples of the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly”. Unfortunately there are some ugly lawns beginning to appear. Make sure you get out this weekend to take care of the weeds that have started, or will begin shortly.

spring weeds 4Besides the formal methods to kill the weeds (Weed-B-Gone, Round-Up, etc.), I thought I would mentioned a few more natural (no chemicals) ways to eradicate them around sidewalks and driveways. Here are three that I found:

1) SALT  Spread salt on the your driveway and sidewalk cracks to kill the weeds. But be careful where you put it, since it will also sterilize the ground for several years!

2) BOILING WATER   Pour boiling water on them to safely kill weeds.

3) BY HAND   If you don’t have many weeds, it might be simply easier to just pull them out. Make sure you get as much of the root that you can. I usually just pull the isolated ones as I cut the grass.

2014-04-24 19.27.18Do the complete job!

Nothing is more unsightly than leaving leftover cut grass in the street or sidewalk! Please help to maintain our neighborhood 2014-04-24 19.24.17curb appeal by blowing/sweeping this back on to your lawn. Not only will if make things look much better, but it will actually help to fertilize your lawn with clippings (one of the main reasons for mulching mowers).

Reminder: One more round of fertilizer before Memorial Day. See the Lawn Club eBook  for details.

That’s it for now.  The sun is coming out and the lawn needs cut (after it dries out, of course)   😉