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I Need a Drink!


Neglected Lawn

That’s what your lawn is saying to you as we go through these very hot summer days. We are seeing too many lawns that are going brown because their owners just don’t want to water in the summer (or don’t know how). Too many homeowners think that if they let their lawn go ‘dormant’ in the summer, it will spring back in the fall when there is more rain and cooler temps. Not necessarily true!  It may work, but you will be planting grass seed next spring to fill in all of those dead spots! Keeping a healthy lawn in the summer will deter weeds and insects.  Also, our covenants require you to water your lawn to keep it healthy. So, spend the money on water now, or spend it on seed, starter fertilizer, sod, etc. in the fall.



Lawn with Regular Watering

When should you water?

Early morning is best (5-6 AM) when less will evaporate. By all means, do not water in the heat of the day! It will fry your lawn in the hot sun!

How much should I water?

Make sure that you are watering your lawn on a regular basis so that it gets at least an inch of water every 4 days.

How do I set my sprinkler system to get the best watering schedule?

We don’t have enough space here to answer that. Please refer to pages 12-20 in our manual: Lawn Club eBook

How high should I cut my lawn in the summer?

You should be mowing your lawn at the highest setting on your mower. This will encourage deeper root growth, better water retention, and fewer insects.


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