Just “Seed Heads”, Not Weeds


Many lawns in the neighborhood are developing “seed heads” or “flowerstalks”. This is a typical occurrence in the springtime. All fescue and bluegrass blends produce “seed heads” this time of the year, depending on the grass type and weather conditions. Recent cool weather has prolonged the weedy looking seed heads. But once warmer weather returns, they will die off. Seed heads make your lawn look as if a strange weed has invaded your lawn. But they are really only a normal part of the tall fescue life cycle.

What to do? These seed heads are sometimes difficult to mow cleanly, and mowing at a lower setting is not the answer to eliminating them. In fact, that may add additional stress to your lawn. The best advice is to bag your clippings as you mow to pick up the seedings.  Then, just wait out the warmer weather! Your lawn will return to its normal thickness soon, as long as it is properly mowed, fertilized and irrigated.

It’s time to fertilize again! Actual weeds are also trying to grow. But you can take care of them and the fertilizing at the same time. How your lawn looks right now will determine which type of fertilizer you need to put down. You may want to just add fertilizer if you don’t have many weeds. Or, you can apply fertilizer plus weed control. Either way your last application of fertilizer should go down before Memorial Day. Then, we wait until fall. Your lawn needs to spend the entire summer fighting weeds, fungus, heat, and whatever else comes along. It’s not the time to grow thicker and stronger!

See Page 25 in our Handbook for more information. Don’t have a copy of the Handbook? Download it here:  Lawn Club eBook


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