They’re Baaack!

Spring is finally here! But with spring, we also get the return of the weeds! Not that we didn’t have any over the winter. (And you did remember to kill those ‘winter weeds’, right?) Well, a quick walk around the neighborhood reveals one of our ongoing battles is back. And it’s time to take care of the pesky weeds NOW! If you let it go, they will continue to grow and spread into your lawn and the cracks of the sidewalks and curbs. (How do they even grow in concrete anyway?) Whether it’s PoaAnnua, Bittercress, Chickweed, or some other left over winter weed, they can all be controlled with Weed-B-Gone or RoundUp. But don’t make the mistake of using RoundUp on your weeds in the lawn, as it will kill everything, including your lawn. That’s what Weed-B-Gone is for. It will kill the weeds but keep the lawn.

If you have a lot of weeds in your lawn and you haven’t fertilized yet, you can use a fertilizer plus weed killer like Scotts Turf Builder Plus 2. This will save you some time and it’s very effective. Whichever method you use, make sure you do it soon (like this weekend) before the rain comes next week.

eBook Reference: Page 7 in the Lawn Club eBook  (click Lawn Club eBook to get a copy if you don’t have one)

spring weed1

Use Weed-B-Gone if the weeds are in the lawn.










spring weeds 4

Please don’t neglect the weeds in the curb. Kill them now before they spread!











spring weeds 3

Be very careful using RoundUp on weeds this close to the lawn.

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