A New Lawn Season Approaches!

Yes, it’s almost that time again. Time to wake up your lawn and get it growing. Even though temps will be in the 30’s/40’s next week, there are still things you can get a jump on now.

This year the Sadler Lawn Club format will be a bit different. I have enclosed a link to our handbook for seasonal lawn maintenance. Don’t get too excited- it’s just all of the information and tips from last year’s blogs all rolled up into a convenient, searchable eBook that we will be referencing on a regular basis. This will allow you to go at your own pace to get all of the to-dos completed instead of waiting for our reminders.

But don’t worry! We will still be posting our timely blogs and include references to the eBook, plus new information and pictures that we feel helpful. You are also invited to post your comments and any questions you may have on the Lawn Club page.

Here is your copy of the “Sadler Lawn Club Handbook”.  This is being offered only to our subscribers. Click on the link to view it. Select “Save As” (right click) to save a copy to your computer for ongoing reference.

Lawn Club eBook

That’s it for now. Download your copy of the eBook and take advantage of the nice weather this Sunday while you can, by tackling the “Pre-Season To Dos” on Page 2!

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